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More than just online ordering - Menu Ottawa & Gatineau provides all the tools your business needs to thrive

Not only will you save 5 - 10% less on your online orders, you get drivers on demand, Facebook ads, print marketing, and access to our hand-picked network of Ottawa’s best social media influencer.

Menu Ottawa & Gatineau is your online ordering platform, design team, and marketing team all in one!

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About Menu Ottawa

Support local restaurants and save - that has been our message since we arrived on the local food scene in 2010. As a small, local company ourselves, we do our best to support other small Ottawa businesses through easy-to-use and affordable online ordering, marketing and delivery services.

We offer much more than the lowest online ordering fees! Our team of designers, marketers, and influencers help you increase your sales, grow your brand and take care of all the things your restaurant needs so you have more time and money to take care of what’s most important - your food and your customers.

With Menu Ottawa, both you AND the restaurants save!

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