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Colonnade Pizza - Pickup Only

Colonnade Pizza - Pickup Only

5 Locations in Ottawa to Serve you for Pickup
Welcome to Colonnade Pizza. Order today for pickup for the best pizza in town. The colonnade name says it all. Order online now.
Options: Restaurant | Pour emporter

Code postale: K1Z, K1Y, K2A, K1P, K2H, K2J, K2B, K1V, K1T, K1H, K2P, K1S, K1M, K1L, K1K, K1J, K1B, K4M, K1X, K1N, K1R, K1A, K1G, K2P, K1R, K1R, K1N

Options de paiement: payment option payment option payment option

minimum de livraison: $15

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